The Road to India

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by lucy

in Natural Perfume

It’s late. I’m now three days into my journey to India and a sense of exhaustion has settled over me. As I stare out of the airplane window I am filled with excitement and anticipation. The night sky is hauntingly beautiful – the sharp contrast of the dark Arabian Sea below and the bright light of a million blazing stars all around make the scene quite ethereal. As I breathe in the wonder of this creation, I realize I am almost to Southern India, Kerala, where my adventure for natural perfumery will finally begin.

Before traveling to India, an Indian friend of mine once said, “Kerala is God’s country.” Somehow I know this is true and now, I am about to experience it all first hand. Long a dream of mine, this trip began to take shape as the oils I was blending in my perfumery carried me to faraway places I longed to know; the seed was planted and I sensed my dream would finally become a reality.Just as creating perfume encompasses the art of layering and blending, so too will this journey be defined by the layering of its many facets. From south to north, Kerala to Delhi, Varanasi, Jaipur, Agra and beyond I will visit farmers, distillers and attar-makers and uncover the secrets of this mysterious place, its plants and its people. I have a feeling the real India will far exceed the dream.

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