our perfumer, lucy miller.

Perfumer Lucy MillerInspired by the exotic attars (essential oils) of India, the ancient Japanese art of Koh-Do (the peaceful enjoyment of the aroma of incense) and the grand traditions of classic French perfumery, Lucy Miller has skillfully blended time-tested standards with 21st-century science to create the earth-friendly Pure collection.

A visionary, artist and modern-day alchemist, as well as a “purist” in her holistic approach to aromacology and botanical fragrance creation, Lucy  has studied and learned from the past in order to mindfully and creatively embrace the future. She has traveled the world to touch nature and examine the age-old customs that inspired history’s first natural perfumes.

Lucy’s  journey began on the west coast of Florida where as a child she was surrounded by the aromas of mangoes, oranges, jasmine, magnolias and frangipani, along with the salty, zesty scent of sea air. This gave her a profound and life-long appreciation of the earth’s bounty, and the need to protect and preserve it. Today, you will find that same reverence in every hand-crafted product bearing her name. Lucy Miller Pure is not just uncommon. It’s unforgettable.

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